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Ivanov, Valentin; Augsburg, Klaus; Savitski, Dzmitry; Schreiber, Viktor; Els, Schalk; Dhaens, Miguel
Collaborative engineering of integrated chassis control for ground vehicle : case study of lifelong learning technologies in automotive mechatronics. - In: IEEE Xplore digital library. - New York, NY : IEEE (2017), S. 449-454
Savitski, Dzmitry; Schleinin, Dmitrij; Ivanov, Valentin; Augsburg, Klaus; Jimenez, Emilio; He, Rui; Sandu, Corina; Barber, Phil
Improvement of traction performance and off-road mobility for a vehicle with four individual electric motors: driving over icy road. - In: Journal of terramechanics. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier science, ISSN 00224898, Bd. 69 (2017), S. 33-43
He, Rui; Jimenez, Emilio; Savitski, Dzmitry; Sandu, Corina; Ivanov, Valentin
Investigating the parameterization of Dugoff tire model using experimental tire-ice data. - In: [SAE 2016 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress] / SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress ; (Rosemont, Ill.) : 2016.10.04-06. - [Warrendale, PA] : SAE International (2016), insges. 10 S.
Els, Pieter Schalk; Stallmann, M. Joachim; Botha, Theunis R.; Guthrie, A. G.; Wright, K. R. S.; Augsburg, Klaus; Höpping, Kristian; Bernius, V.; Sandu, C.; Jimenez, E.
Comparison of tire footprint measurement techniques. - In: 18th International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Technologies, 13th International Conference on Design Education, 9th Frontiers in Biomedical Devices / ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference ; 18 (Charlotte, NC) : 2016.08.21-24. - New York, N.Y. : The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2016), insges. 9 S.
Paper No. DETC2016-59944

With all wheeled vehicles, the tire contact patch is the only connection between the vehicle and the road. All the forces, except for aerodynamic forces, that are acting on the vehicle are generated in the tire contact patch. The size, shape and the pressure distribution of the contact patch are important to the performance, ride qualities and handling characteristics of a vehicle. Tire footprint studies are essential in understanding tire force generation and tire wear mechanisms. It is thus important to accurately determine the tire contact patch size and dimensions. This paper discusses various methods for measuring the static tire contact patch dimensions. A set of tests are conducted on various tires and at different inflation pressures. These tests are used to discuss the suitability of the methods depending on the type, size, load and contact surface of the tire. A list of advantages and disadvantages for each method is generated and discussed. The aim of this paper is not to study the tire footprints but to discuss the various testing methods. Insight into the different methods can help to select the suitable method for future tire contact studies.

Aksjonov, Andrei; Augsburg, Klaus; Vodovozov, Valery
Design and simulation of the robust ABS and ESP fuzzy logic controller on the complex braking maneuvers. - In: Applied Sciences. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 20763417, Bd. 6 (2016), 12, S. 382, insges. 18 S.
Savitski, Dzmitry; Ivanov, Valentin; Augsburg, Klaus; Shyrokau, Barys; Wragge-Morley, Robert; Pütz, Thomas; Barber, Phil
The new paradigm of an anti-lock braking system for a full electric vehicle: experimental investigation and benchmarking. - In: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. - London : Sage Publ, ISSN 20412991, Bd. 230 (2016), 10, S. 1364-1377
Savitski, Dzmitry; Ivanov, Valentin; Schleinin, Dmitrij; Augsburg, Klaus; Pütz, Thomas; Lee, Chih Feng
Advanced control functions of decoupled electro-hydraulic brake system. - In: 2016 IEEE 14th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control (AMC) / IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control ; 14 (Auckland) : 2016.04.22-24. - [Piscataway, NJ] : IEEE (2016), S. 310-317
Niedermeyer, Lars; Augsburg, Klaus; Wodtke, Axel; Rebenklau, Lars; Grießmann, Horst; Gierth, Paul; Irrgang, Klaus; Lippmann, Lutz; Bechtold, Franz
Entwicklung neuartiger thermoelektrischer Module für automotive und industrielle Anwendungen. - In: Sensoren und Messsysteme 2016 / GMA/ITG-Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme ; 18 (Nürnberg) : 2016.05.10-11. - Wunstorf : AMA Service GmbH (2016), S. 638-644
Savitski, Dzmitry; Ivanov, Valentin; Shyrokau, Barys; Pütz, Thomas; De Smet, Jasper; Theunissen, Johan
Experimental investigations on continuous regenerative anti-lock braking system of full electric vehicle. - In: International journal of automotive technology. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 19763832, Bd. 17 (2016), 2, S. 327-338
Savitski, Dzmitry; Shyrokau, Barys; Ivanov, Valentin
Base-brake functions of electric vehicle: disturbance compensation in decoupled brake system. - In: International journal of vehicle design. - Geneva : Inderscience Enterprises Ltd, ISSN 17415314, Bd. 70 (2016), 1, S. 69-97