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Laufer, Nico; Hansmann, Harald; Koch, Michael
Rheological characterisation of the flow behaviour of wood plastic composites in consideration of different volume fractions of wood. - In: ic-rmm2 / ic-rmm ; 2 (Miskolc-Lillafüred) : 2015.10.05-09. - [Bristol] : IOP Publishing (2017), 012017, insges. 9 S.
Fuchs, Karsten; Bruchmüller, Matthias; Koch, Michael; Berger, Frank
Einfluss des Füllstoffanteils von Bornitrid auf das dielektrische Verhalten von polymeren HGÜ-Kabelisolierstoffen. - In: VDE-Hochspannungstechnik 2016 / VDE-Hochspannungstechnik ; (Berlin) : 2016.11.14-16. - Berlin : VDE Verlag (2016), S. 139-144
Caba, Stefan; Koch, Michael
Modeling the viscosity development of epoxy resins during injection of the RTM process. - In: AIP conference proceedings. - Melville, NY : Inst, ISSN 15517616 (2016), S. 070002, insges. 5 S.

The development of, in particular RTM, processes for fiber reinforced composite parts is driven by cost reduction that can be achieved by shorter cycle times. The main sub processes are the injection and the curing time of the resin. Both depend directly on resin properties. During the injection phase the viscosity of the resin is a main factor for the flow rate. Additionally, the wetting of fibers and within that the void formation is influenced. The cure of the resin is the most time intensive sub process. In this paper a new model for the description of the resin viscosity development during the injection phase using the cumulative Weibull distribution function is presented. A study of the isothermal viscosity development of numerous resins has been conducted in a wide temperature range ascertaining the applicability. New possibilities for advanced resin selection and a more accurate modeling of the void formation during an injection phase of the RTM process are shown to confirm the benefit of this model.

Düngen, Matthias; Hartung, Sascha; Koch, Michael
Energy balance analysis of the feed zone of grooved barrel single screw extruders. - In: AIP conference proceedings. - Melville, NY : Inst, ISSN 15517616 (2016), S. 030011, insges. 5 S.

The energy balance in the feed zone of grooved barrel single screw extruders is important for design and operation of such extruders. Experimental investigations with different bulk materials were undertaken to obtain further insight into the energy balance of the feed zone. The energy balance considers the enthalpy change resulting from temperature and density increase as a result of screw drive power and heat flow in the barrel. Experimental results show a decreasing solid bed temperature for decreasing residence times. In addition, with a reduced gap in the throttle with constant throughput, the pressure increases resulting into various deformation mechanisms of solid particles. The energy required for the deformation of solid particles into a solid bed elevates the specific screw drive power and heat generation. It is shown that the compression behavior of bulk materials is temperature-dependent and influences the energy balance in the feed zone.

Woyan, Felix; Bruchmüller, Matthias; Koch, Michael
Process parameters affecting the bonding of in-mold decoration of injection molded components. - In: AIP conference proceedings. - Melville, NY : Inst, ISSN 15517616 (2016), S. 020008, insges. 5 S.

This paper studies the fundamental parameters affecting bonding strength of injection molded parts by an in- mold decoration process (IMD). In order to investigate the influence of materials used and a variety of processing conditions, a test mold was created for experiments. The impact of each factor was examined quantitatively by a full factorial design of experiment (DOE). The DOE covered as processing parameters melt temperature, mold temperature and packing pressure and for product related parameters film thickness and thermoplastic material. Furthermore, the temperature in the boundary layer was experimentally determined and the thermal conditions calculated with a transient simulation. In addition, the results of the experiment were compared with the simulation.

Schneidmadel, Stefan; Koch, Michael; Bruchmüller, Matthias
Effects of fiber orientation on the electrical conductivity of filled plastic melt. - In: AIP conference proceedings. - Melville, NY : Inst, ISSN 15517616 (2016), S. 030007, insges. 5 S.

The substitution of conventional materials using technical plastic materials offers a high potential for integration of functions into plastics products. In this context, the light-weight design aspect as well as the simplification of complex production processes can be addressed. As an example, plastics can be modified to transfer an electrical charge by adding conductive particles. The conductivity of these plastic materials depends on the used particle system, processing parameters and part geometry. Today's simulation programs offer the possibility of forecasting fiber orientation in plastic parts as a result of processing. This work analyses the relation between simulated fiber orientation and conductivity in the plastic part. Therefore test specimen were produced on an injection molding machine with different processing parameters. Simulations were executed and the fiber orientation tensor for different processing parameters was calculated. In comparison between simulated and experimentally effected fiber orientation, the possibility of forecasting the electrical conductivity was analyzed and it could be shown that there is a good correlation.

Düngen, Matthias; Koch, Michael
Nutbuchsen und Aufgabegut auf dem Prüfstand : Verarbeitung gemahlener Rezyklate. - In: Plastverarbeiter. - Heidelberg : Hüthig, ISSN 00321338, Bd. 67 (2016), 9, S. 128-130
Hartmann, Robert; Kreiter, Jürgen; Koch, Michael
Formaldehyd- und nacharbeitsarme 3-D-Hochleistungs-Holzspan-Kunststoff-Verbunde (HHKV). - In: Holztechnologie. - Dresden : Inst. für Holztechnologie, ISSN 00183881, Bd. 57 (2016), 5, S. 12-15
Hartmann, Robert; Koch, Michael; Kreiter, Jürgen
Formaldehyd- und nacharbeitsarme 3D-Hochleistungs-Holzspan-Kunststoff-Verbunde (HHKV). - In: Tagungsband des 17. Holztechnologischen Kolloquiums / Holztechnologisches Kolloquium ; 17 (Dresden) : 2016.04.28-29. - Dresden : Selbstverlag TU Dresden, Institut für Holz- und Papiertechnik (2016), S. 175-182
Fiebig, Christian; Steffen, Maik Eno; Caba, Stefan; Koch, Michael
Hybrid composites of plastic and aluminum foam. - In: 2. Internationale Konferenz Euro Hybrid Materials and Structures / Internationale Konferenz Euro Hybrid Materials and Structures ; 2 (Kaiserslautern) : 2016.04.20-21. - Frankfurt : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. (2016), S. 170-177